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Innovation is widely understood as the driving force for economic growth. It is new products and services, and new technologies of producing, packaging or delivering them which add value to economy and enable us to improve our standard of living. Innovations in sustainable production can make especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) more competitive, profitable  and environmentally friendly.
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SPIN idea is based on the simple but normally successful business equation of matching supply and demand:

  • On one side, many SMEs still struggle or even fail to respond to EC requirements, as they don’t have access to the existing technological or managerial solutions 
  • On the other side, a large number of new environmental technologies and innovative managerial solutions is being developed and tested in and outside of the Baltic Sea Region that cannot find sufficient retail markets

To overcome this mismatch, the SPIN Network brings the expertise on sustainable production directly to the SMEs. Feel free to browse our database, take part in our matchmaking events, or contact our national contact points for more support!

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