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Jørgen Krogsgaard, Snoghøj Alle 70, DK - 2770 Kastrup, Denmark


JK Turbine is not a downscaled usual turbine, but an efficient micro turbine with all its advantages. A micro technology generation Carbon Neutral energy. Easy to install with a minimum of work in the field – very low installation costs.
The JK Turbine has 3 stages of regulation: 1/3-2/3-3/3. Usual small turbines are very sensible to waste in the water or possible water hammer. The JK Turbine has a special device, which prevent these problems and furthermore it is self flushing. This makes it perfect to work with a siphon combined with a 3 stage regulation.
JK turbine is build up on a patent and 10 years of experience.


The JK Turbine is a born compact micro turbine. This means the JK Turbine is micro turbine, easy to produce in modular systems after actual local conditions.
JK Turbine is easy to install. It needs no foundation, only 3 sticks into the soil. 2 tubes for water inlet and a power line to the electricity grid. 
JK Turbine can operate with its own grid, as a stand alone solution, or be connected to the power grid. The Turbine can supply electricity to a family house hold (delivering approx.1 kW to 10 kW).
Usual small turbines are fully regulated and expensive, or the unregulated cheap turbines with dump load as regulation. The JK Turbine is cheap to manufacture, has few moving parts, and requires very little maintenance (the cost are typical 30% lower than a conventional turbine).

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Using the micro JK Turbine,  you get CO2 free electricity/energy and save fossil fuel.
By using micro hydro power the carbon foot print is very low.
Installing the JK Turbine requires little space and no big foundation. Thereby saving the concrete foundation, and lower the environmental impact on the nature.

By saving CO2, fossil energy and money, the user is more independent from outside impacts.
By using micro hydro power in developing countries you can raise their quality of living, by supplying them with local based, very cheap and CO2 free electricity.   

  1. 30% lower installation costs.

  2. Lowering the total electricity bill pr. year.

  3. Hydro power is simple rough technology with high efficiency and a long lifetime.

  4. Hydro power is an old conservative technology - Innovative thinking is needed to bring the price down – this is supplied by the JK micro Turbine!

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René Grøn
Teknologisk Institut (DTI), Center for Produktion
2630 Taastrup
Tel: +45 7220 2937