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Joint meeting of the SPIN project with the CBSS Baltic 21 expert group

On 2 December 2010 the SPIN project partners met with the CBSS (Council of the Baltic Sea States) expert group on sustainable development – Baltic 21. Baltic 21 aims at supporting sustainable development in the BSR within the framework of the Agenda 21 process which addresses a key challenge of the EU Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Strategy. Because of the strong links with the action plan of Baltic 21, SPIN has been selected as a Baltic 21 lighthouse project.

During the joint meeting of SPIN and Baltic 21 first project results were presented and discussed. Links between the proposed activity areas of the SPIN Action Plan and the Baltic 21 activities have been identified, e.g. in education and awareness raising. These links should be used to effectively connect the implementation of the SPIN Action Plan with Baltic 21.

A short documentation of the joint meeting has been published on the project website.