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SPIN Newsletter #6  - November 2011

SPIN Transnational Forum on Sustainable Production through innovation in the Baltic Sea Region


Innovations that result in sustainable production make small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) more competitive, profitable and environmentally friendly. The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) has a great R&D potential, yet the application of sustainable innovations, especially by SMEs, is still scarce.

The SPIN Transnational Forum highlights promising approaches to sustainable innovations in the BSR – through the lens of policy-makers, intermediaries and SMEs. A panel on sustainable innovation from a policy perspective will be underpinned by industry-specific panels dedicated to resource efficiency and sustainable bioenergy production and use in the BSR.

Online registration on
POLEKO, Area K, 2nd floor, Blue Room

Moderators: Dr Daniel de Graaf, Federal Environment Agency, Germany
                      Bjarne Rasmussen, Region Zealand, Denmark

The joint panel of Bioenergy Promotion and SPIN provides snapshots of innovative approach to business in the bioenergy sector from the Baltic Sea Region, with particular focus on biogas. Among the speakers and the invited guests are businesses (operators and technology providers), representatives of municipalities, as well as European, national and local policy-makers. Discussed examples of business chains, and public-private cooperation link demand and supply in a sustainable way and create added values at local and regional levels.

09:00 – 09:30 - Registration and Morning Coffee
09:30 – 11:45
  • Innovative Approach for Sustainability in Business: Maximized Value Chains in the
  • Bioenergy Sector – Sylwia KLATKA, ConVoco Sp z.o.o., Poland
  • Micro-biogas grid Brunswick – Verena STROOT, BS Energy, Germany
  • Creating Local Value Chains for Biogas Production and Use – the case of the City of Gdynia - Marek STĘPA, Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdynia, Poland
  • Regional value chains of Biomass production and use from resource and climate efficient
  • agriculture: a German Polish cooperation – Lutz RIBBE, EuroNatur, Germany
  • Emerging biogas market in Latvia: experiences on national, regional and company level – Mārtiņš NIKLASS, ZAAO Energija, Latvia
12:00-12:30 POLEKO Pavilion 11Official Opening of the POLEKO Fair by the Minister of Environment Prof Dr Andrzej Kraszewski, Participants of the SPIN Transnational Forum are invited to join the opening.
POLEKO, Area K, 2nd floor, Blue Room

Sustainable Innovations and Green Economy – more than buzzwords? The panel discusses policy initiatives and
concrete policy instruments to promote sustainable innovations in businesses in the Baltic Sea Region.

12:00-13:00 Registration and Lunch Buffet
  • Baltic Sea Strategy and Green Growth – Mia CRAWFORD, Head of Secretariat, Council of the
  • Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Expert Group “Baltic 21”
  • Sustainable Production through Innovation in SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region: SPIN Conclusions for Decision Makers – SPIN project, André GREIF, PtJ, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany
  • Initiatives to Promote Sustainable Innovation in Poland – Jacek MIZAK, Ministry of Economy, Poland
  • Eco-Innovation and its impact on the job market in Germany – Jenny WIECHOCZEK, Federal Environment Ministry, Germany
  • The Norwegian strategy to develop sustainable production in the construction sector – Tor MÜHLBRADT, Innovation Norway, Norway
POLEKO, Area K, 2nd floor, Blue Room

With the Focus on the Surface Treatment Sector

How can public institutions and associations support businesses in tapping the full potential of resource efficiency? How can innovations in the surface treatment sector contribute to improving resource efficiency?

The panel provides a snapshot of activities and experiences from policy and businesses in the Baltic Sea Region
15:30-16:00 Registration and Coffee Break
16:00 -17:30
  • Resource efficiency policies in Europe – Paweł KAZMIERCZYK, European Environment Agency
  • Towards a German Programme for Resource Efficiency, ProgRess – Janka CLAUDER, Federal Environment Ministry, Germany
  • Material Efficiency Centre in Finland: ways to integrate material efficiency in company’s activities – Paula ESKOLA, Motiva Oy Material Efficiency Center
  • Resource efficiency innovations in the surface treatment sector in Denmark – rep from DTI, Denmark
  • Resource efficiency innovations in the surface treatment sector in Sweden – Magnus KLINGSPOR, IVL, Sweden
18:30 – 20:30 Poznan city centre:
EVENING RECEPTION FOR PARTICIPANTS OF SPIN TRANSNATIONAL FORUM with presentations of innovation highlights and toolbox for SME

The SPIN Project

Application of eco-innovations improve sustainable production and make especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) more competitive, profitable and environmentally friendly. The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) has a great R&D potential, yet the application of these innovations especially by SMEs is still scarce. SPIN matches supply and demand: on one side, many SMEs still struggle to respond to requirements imposed by EU directives, as they do not have access to the existing technological or managerial solutions - on the other side, a large number of new sustainable technologies and innovative managerial solutions is being developed that cannot find a market. To overcome this mismatch, SPIN brings together SMEs from the supply and demand side and develops recommendations how to improve the policy framework for sustainable innovations in the BSR.
SPIN is supported by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union and designated flagship project in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Furthermore, SPIN was nominated CBSS Baltic 21 Lighthouse Project. More information:

POLEKO trade fair:

The latest solutions in the field of environmental protection, representatives of international industry leaders, special areas, specialised conferences and business meetings - all of these will be included in POLEKO International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection, which will be held from 22nd to 25th November 2011 in Poznan, Poland. More information:
Please register via our online portal: until 17 November 2011.
After registration you will receive a confirmation mail with further logistical information.
Participation is free of charge.


The forum is organized by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), SPIN partner organisations and by ConVoco, Consulting for Sustainable Development


Conference language will be Polish and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Contact for merit/content issues:

Ms Janka Clauder, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety;
email:, phone: +49 30 18 30 52 379
Ms Sylwia.Klatka, ConVoco – Consulting for Sustainable Development;
email:, phone: +48 50 62 28 074

Contact for organizational issues:
Ms Joanna Kucal, ConVoco – Consulting for Sustainable Development
email:, phone: +48 533 191 141