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Outlook: Development of policy recommendations for the SPIN Action Plan

Based on the results of the country studies and the synthesis report, SPIN partners have started to develop the SPIN Action Plan. The SPIN Action Plan translates the findings on SME needs, existing barriers to innovations for sustainable production and experience on best-practice incentives into a transnational action plan. It addresses policy makers on national, transnational and European level as well as authorities, financing institutions and associations to reduce barriers and create new transnational incentives to effectively support an uptake of innovations for sustainable production in SMEs of the Baltic Sea Region.

Priority areas for the SPIN Action Plan are
  • to increase awareness of SMEs for stimulating demand for sustainable innovations
  • to improve access to finance introduction of innovations for sustainable innovations
  • to build-up competence and capacity for linking sustainability and innovation in SMEs
  • to enable easy access to relevant information and networks across borders.

Active involvement of the project advisory board is planned for two further meetings to finalize the SPIN Action Plan which will be presented at the final SPIN conference in the week from 22-25 November 2011 in Poznan.